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Locally owned by Alonzo Johnson since 2023 .

Chattanooga home & Garden started from previous owner since 2005.

We made it to a contractor with one of the most affordable prices.

Majority of the time our customers get more effort than when they spend every dollar for.

It’s always a blessing when the lord connect us and, give us the strength to grow our business .

Changing homes into a better comfort for every customer is what we accomplish.

A happy customer is what bring us more projects for the future.

We believe being successful extend a better business life more than likely the only way for us being successful.

During arrival we greet, introduce ourselves; get to know each other more, be appreciate, well minored and, respectful.

Most of our customer build a great relationship with us.

We move forward with giving you the most accurate information that we’re selling you a quote for; rather if you budget or not; we work with all budgets. we understand there are customers that worry more about the process more than they worry about a price; they care more about the outcome through entire process will be a satisfaction or not. We value your business with a passion but not to sound desperate thank god for you giving us a opportunity to help us work or nothing will be possible. “thanks for you interest,”in Chattanooga home and Garden!

Mark 6:3

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two men working on a wall in a bathroom
a person is removing a glass shelf from a tiled floor
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a man is laying down mulch in front of a house
a man cleaning a driveway with a broom

Staining & painting services

a man is painting a wooden fence

Pressure washing

a man spraying a house with a pressure washer
a kitchen under construction with wood framing

Dryer vent cleaning

a man is using a hose to clean a house

Dryer vent cleaning is an important task that shouldn’t be skipped, yet most people neglect this task every single year. As a result, they put their homes and families at risk for fire. In fact, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 3,000 home clothes dryer fires are reported every year and lead to five deaths, 100 injuries and $35 million in property damage. The leading cause of those fires? Failure to clean the dryer vents.

Many of us assume cleaning the lint from the lint trap on our dryers is enough to prevent a fire. Not so. The dryer vent that leads from the appliance to the outdoors can get just as clogged and create a fire hazard you may not even be aware of. If air can’t move freely due to lint and other debris clogging the sides, your dryer won’t operate properly. Having slightly damp clothing at the end of a cycle is the least of your worries, though. A spark caused by increased temperatures could ignite the lint (which is highly combustible) and start a dryer vent fire. On top of that risk, clogged vents can keep poisonous carbon monoxide from exiting your home, keeping those fumes indoors and posing a risk of sickness or death to occupants.

an attic with ducts and pipes in it

Wallpaper and art design

Need new look for your kids room we got a very skill painter got you covered any design don’t like it well paint it back same color it was and guaranteed money back


a man is installing a door in a house


a man is installing a window in a house

exterior services

two men working on the siding of a house

Deck & porch

Interior services

a 3d rendering of a two bedroom apartment floor plan

Plus more rather it’s residential or commercial we can get the job done and take your investment seriously

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Ready to have your projects work a miracle with a gift god bless us with and guarantee you will see nothing but the best services and most affordable prices and we will know when the job is finished that you will want to call us back and to share a very good testimonial on our page we work hard to make just for you please send us more information if you will like us to contact you and we will do soon as possible thanks for your interest In chattanooga home & Garden

Save 10% off your next home remodeling project with Chattanooga Home & Garden click form button to fill out the form and we`ll be in touch with you shortly.



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